Technical Articles

Sulfuric Acid Catalyst 101- Revisited with an Update
In the Fall/Winter 2002 issue of Sulfuric Acid Today we ran our feature article “Sulfuric Acid Catalyst 101” that covered topics ranging from composition to maintenance. The following revisits this subject matter and includes a review of some catalyst basics with the focus mainly on the issue of pressure drop.

Global Sulfuric Acid – 2014 in Review and Outlook
In the Fall 2013 issue of Sulfuric Acid Today, excess supply was beginning to emerge that resulted in weaker sulfuric acid market prices throughout the fourth quarter before a recovery in February 2014.

Global Sulfuric Acid Market – A Twenty Year Retrospective
The first issue of Sulfuric Acid Today appeared at a time of low prices worldwide for sulfuric acid and in key related markets.

Exchanger Testing
VIP International Credited with Quick ASARCO Turnaround

High Temp Entry
VIP’s High Temperature Entry Service – Like COOL Cats on a HOT Tin Roof

NOx Removal
VIP International Offers Sulfuric Acid Industry ‘no-NOx’ Scrubber System