Environmental Services

NOx Removal

Those familiar with the day-to-day operations and maintenance of the sulfuric acid industry know all too well how these dangerous and heavily regulated emissions can lead to downtime and decreased productivity. But downtime is not the only issue of concern. Larger emissions can lead to air pollution, illness and possible death. Settling in sulfuric acid plant mist eliminators (as well as sludges throughout the wet side of an acid plant). Easily identifiable, a NOx gas release appears in the form of a large, orange/yellow plume.

VIP has developed a portable scrubber system that solves this problem that has plagued the sulfuric acid industry for years. The process removes the oxygen molecules from NOx, releasing only harmless nitrogen into the atmosphere. From there, either VIP or the plant itself can neutralize the solution for proper disposal.

SO2 and SO3 Removal

Whether fuming acid or unconverted furnace gas, VIP’s scrubbing system can remove these compounds for safe emissions.

Acid Neutralization

VIP developed the first efficient bulk sulfuric acid neutralization system over 20 years ago. Free acid and sulfates can be totally neutralized at a fraction of the cost of disposal.

Scrapped parts and equipment can also be neutralized before demolition or disposal.