Converter Maintenance and Catalyst Handling

The catalyst is one of the most significant investments in a sulfuric acid plant. VIP International has screened more sulfuric acid catalyst than any other company in the world. In fact, we pioneered bulk handling of catalyst in 1977. But there is a lot more to proper catalyst handling than taking it out and running it over a screen. Dust removal, attrition rates, screening losses, and velocity, to name a few, must be considered to achieve the ultimate goal of the lower pressure drop.This takes experience, working with catalyst manufacturers and developing equipment specifically for sulfuric acid catalyst. Reduced downtime, lower pressure drop, longer run time, safer work environment and lower catalyst loss are all results of VIP’s total catalyst handling package.

This same technology is available worldwide. For international plants, VIP offers a complete line of economical packages from total service to equipment purchase and training of proper techniques.

Further efficiency is realized by utilizing the same trained personnel to execute converter repair. From screen repair or replacement, to post and grid changeout, VIP has the equipment, experience and trained personnel to provide complete converter maintenance.