Unmatched Experience

Since 1989, VIP International has focused exclusively on the maintenance of sulfuric acid plants. From the drying tower to the stack, we have identified critical components that if not properly inspected and maintained can result in unscheduled or extended outages.

Working safely in a confined space and in a hazardous environment is our top priority and we have the track record over the past 25 years to back it up. Our unparalleled experience is not only the basis of our safety policies and procedures but gives us the knowledge to know what to do and what to look for when we make entry. This cannot be accomplished with just a few knowledgeable people at the top. With over 100 full time employees and over 968 total man-years of experience servicing sulfuric acid plants, the depth of knowledge throughout the crew is unrivaled. Click here to meet our team.

Cost Effective Solutions

The results are the same whether it is reduced downtime, longer run time or proper maintenance to eliminate unscheduled outages. Higher “on stream factor” equals real dollars. Our focus is not just on “repairing the obvious” but to work with the client on implementing preventative maintenance and best practices in an effort to assure the plant will stay on-line until the next scheduled outage. When production, time and safety are taken into consideration, VIP’s service pays for itself.