For the last 25 years VIP International has served the sulfuric acid industry solving turnaround maintenance problems. Combining experience and innovation, VIP has targeted key areas to focus on reducing downtime while providing superior service, safety, experience and productivity; VIP has what it takes.

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As the industry demands longer run times between catalyst screening, VIP has once again answered the call with its new catalyst loading system.

Dust equates to pressure drop and VIP's equipment has addressed dust removal during screening for years. Now there is a proactive method of dust removal directly in the converter. But lower pressure drop is only the beginning of the story. See for yourself and consider the following:

  • Loading rates at 10,000 It/hr
  • Clean work environment
  • Only 2 man crew inside converter
  • No loss or breakage
  • Even distribution
  • Dust free
  • Lower pressure drop